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From social contests to in-store events, our team of Creatives and Influencer Specialists work around the clock to create and coordinate leading influencer media campaigns that fit into your marketing and communication strategy.

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Programs that are based on
Relations™ .

Our Account team make sure Brands & advertisers closely follow their Influencer programs as they flourish, providing access to a project dashboard where creators, drafts and calendar can be viewed, approved and monitored.

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Our IRM and Media Buying team ensure compliance, performance and quality standards are met for each and every piece of content coming out of your creative partnerships.

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Digital Assets, Tangible

Check how your new creative assets are performing with our real time engagement analytics. Leverage our Media Buying team to impact beyond what’s possible. We support Brand & Advertisers with proprietary technology and a strategic approach to influencer marketing. See how we helped.

The Challenge

Sisal is an Italian brand best known for its SuperEnalotto and Matchpoint games. While promoting the release of the Italian Serie A streaming feature for its Matchpoint app, the company was on the lookout for creative and inspiring content that would drive both awareness and engagement from its closest audience.

Our Solution

We crafted storytelling for a mix of leading Youtubers, Facebook theme pages and Instagram creators to coordinate the production of 2 commercials and more than 120 pieces of content, across 3 different platforms.



special projects

Content is an appreciating
asset. Enhance it with world-class facilities.

Partner up with our Production, Creative, IRM and Media buying teams and bring ever-lasting, branded content projects to life. We build stories that are destined to go viral, drive tangible results and empower your portfolio of creative assets.


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