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Digital talent accelerator

We aren't just a talent agency. We are an influencers accelerator.

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The best talents on the market
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We worked with over a thousand creators and thanks to our experience we selected only the best ones to make them even more influent in what they do. Our job is to make brands and influencers work together, not just a simple execution but a more cohesive development of the main promotional concept. We build long-term relationships between brands and talents.

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Protect your talent and become part of Hoopygang’s Talent Agency. In addition to our management services with brands and media owner, we offer our talents analysis of their profiles and the development of new growth strategies.


Custom-made partnership

Our talent managers will support you communicating with brands and companies. They will also propose to you commercial proposal based on your specific vision.

Analysis and consulting

We will help you develop your online image in the best of ways. We monitor and analyze your profiles to develop joined strategies which will benefit the growth of your brand identity.

Influencers Community

Nurturing your network is always necessary, not only followers but colleagues whit whom you could talk, work, collaborate and, why not, even ask for help.


Fraud-free Influencers

The talents we represent are free from any form of fraudulent activity like fake followers or bot engagement. Furthermore, our creators are committed to following national laws and respect the advertisement transparency rules and guidelines on branded content.

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